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"Luke Haynes and his staff are TOP NOTCH! Tyler, THANK YOU for your guidance and pushing me in the strength training and always askin how I was feeling pain wise. A person couldn’t ask for a more friendlier and caring staff that Haynes Therapy continually has! Thanks again!!"
Nov 01, 2021
"I have been going to Haynes P.T. therapy after my rotator cuff surgery. This is best care you could ask for. Chris worked on my shoulder he and every member of their staff is awesome. "
Oct 13, 2021
"After my first visit I felt like I finely found someone whom really listen to me and was really going to help me get back to my life before my accident I love Natalie so much and I really want her to come back after she graduates she is so caring and really wants the nest for your healing and she cares Please keep her around she a blessing "
Apr 18, 2021
"I love this place they are very professional, friendly and they know their stuff. I have only been twice and I am already 75-80% better. "
Sep 28, 2020
"Kat was amazing! She is a perfect blend of professional and friendly!"
Jul 20, 2020
"Dr. Kat does AMAZING work! She is quick, professional, and attentive during every session! After only few appointments, I have noticed a drastic improvement in my mobility, balance, and a huge decrease in pain! "
Jul 03, 2020
"My back pain was a 10! After one visit with Kat, a couple of well placed needles, and a little stretching, my pain dropped to a minimal 2 the following day and I have been back on my feet ever since! Movement is medicine. "
Jul 02, 2020
"I'm so thankful for the staff at Haynes PT! They are professional, courteous, accommodating and genuinely listen to the needs of the patient. They provide a level of service that puts the patient at ease when dealing with physical challenges/disabilities. The rehabilitation plans are clearly articulated so that the patient understands the next step in the process. Kat and the entire team have welcomed me into the facility and have provided personalized care that has significantly improved my day-to-day quality of life."
Jun 26, 2020
"I have been so impressed with the entire team at Haynes. Having an unusual disease that causes severe balance issues and spasticity in my legs, I require some different therapies than many patients. Kat knew immediately what type of stretches would work and help my issues. She also worked out a plan for me to increase my strength and balance. The entire team is friendly and helpful, and I so appreciate my workouts each week. They are making a big difference in my confidence and ability. I also appreciated the online meetings Kat and I had earlier this spring. The staff at Haynes is outstanding from the receptionist and office staff to all the team ready to help."
Jun 26, 2020
"I can’t express how awesome Haynes physical is!! They care a lot about their patients. I would recommend them for all of your therapy needs!! Great bunch of people!"
Jun 25, 2020
"I have used Luke and his staff more than once for my physical therapy needs and will continue to do so, should it become necessary in the future. I just completed my most recent PT from rotator cuff surgery, and my PTA this time, Lynze, was wonderful, as was the rest of the staff. As I said, I will continue to use Haynes PT for any physical needs in the future. Thanks to you ALL !!!"
May 29, 2020

This was the second knee replacement I have gone through. I must say Haynes PT was way above the first PT I went to. As usual the first few weeks are extremely hard and frustrating but I really enjoyed the philosophy your group uses and the techniques. I'm very thankful for the hard work I have put in to get my goals. I will highly recommend Haynes to any and all people I know needed a PT group. Thank you so much for all you did for me.

Wayne P.

Totally loved it. All the people were very helpful. I looked forward to all my appointments. Since I started my therapy, I have a lot less pain when walking. I look forward to continuing my therapy.

Walt R.

When I got home from surgery, I contacted Luke and his team for PT. Luke was a big encouragement and told me you will get better every week. He even took time to teach me how to walk again. All of the PTs were great and helpful. I ended up working mostly with Brandon. he was pateint but pushed me every time to do more or would add something new. Well, with mixed emotions I am at the end of my PT -- I survived. I will miss seeing Brandong 3 times a week, but I am now able to go about my life again, knowing that I am recovered. Thank you all at Haynes -- you are the best.

Wayne G.

On my first visit and evaluation at Haynes Physical Therapy the prognosis did not look good at all as the MRI of my left shoulder showed severe damage to my torator cuff. I had opted not to have surgery and was told by Luke Haynes that yes, it looked bad, but he believed he could get me to 85% and taht sounded like a miracle to me.

When I bagan therapy my range of motion was fair but the ability to raise my arm was another matter. In the beginning I was not able to move my arm away from my body.

So, I began the slow process and after months of therapy and adding additional exercises to strengthen the surrounding muscle in my arm, and the dedication of physical therapist assistant Brandon Adkins, I am able to raise my arm 100% with little or no pain. I commend Haynes Physical Therapy for helping me to make a remarkable recovery!

Thank you, Haynes PT and your wonderful staff, you literally saved my life!

Nancy S.

The staff was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I could not use my right arm due to shoulder surgery. Now I would say it is 95% better.

Scott H.

I had been hurting for two months and within two visits dry needling took all my pain away. For the first time in months I was able to work in the yard clearing brush without pain. I recommend Kat and Haynes Physical Therapy to everyone I know. It made all the difference in the world.

Harold P.

The facility is fantastic. All the staff were professional, courteous, and extremely helpful on all the machines. For physical therapy this is hands down the best. Thank you all.

Grant J

I just want to say thank you to everyone here for helping my therapy to be as easy and fun as possible. You ALL have been a joy to work with, and a special thank you to Alex, kat, Austy, Brandon, Tiffany, and Lynze.

Anthony R.

Hard to find enough words of praise for Haynes Therapy and staff. I started therapy in pain, doubtful of making progress. I am now pain free and have regained use of my arm, not 100% but very able to use the arm in my personal care, household chores, and driving my car. The staff are amazing, understanding, and go way beyond their knowledge to care of you. They are always positive, helpful, and really care for your recovery. I will tell anyone, choose Haynes Physical Therapy.

Donna J.

First of all, I am glad my doctor sent me to Hayes Physical Therapy. When I first came here, on November 4th, I was really a miserable person. I couldn't hardly do a lot of walking. My lower back all the way down my leg and foot was really giving me problems. To put it midly, I hurt. But now, I'm really doing good. No pain to speak of. I'm doing the exercises here and riding the bike. I just want to say that these are the best people that takes care of people who have these kinds of problems. Everyone is so friendly and at the same time professional. The place is always clean and in order. So, once again, I'm saying I was really glad to be able to come here to get myself back on track. Thank you all so much.

Yvonne B.