Direct Access

Treatment Without Physician Referral

As of September 1st, 2019, you may now be treated by a physical therapist in Texas without a physician’s referral. It is important to understand the following:

  • (1) physical therapy is not a substitute for a medical diagnosis by a physician;
  • (2) physical therapy is not based on radiological imaging;
  • (3) a physical therapist cannot diagnose an illness or disease;
  • (4) the patient's health insurance may not include coverage for the physical therapist's services; and
  • (5) after treatment for 10 consecutive business days, if additional treatment is still required, a physician’s referral will be necessary before continuing therapy.

While some insurances may cover physical therapy without a physician referral many do not. We will discuss with you the payment options available for treatment.

Payment will be due at the time of service until a physician’s referral is obtained unless your insurance confirms that a referral is not required. Once you have obtained a physician’s referral, we can begin processing your benefits through your insurance carrier. If you desire, we can provide you with the forms necessary to file the claims directly with your insurance company if you chose to cash pay and wish to have the cost applied to your deductible.

Dr. Luke J. Haynes, PT, DPT, CHDN