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Rebecca Haynes Advanced Personal Trainer


About Me

Having been a practising barrister for several years I have undergone a radical change to become an advanced personal trainer.  Sport and exercise has however always been an important part of my life and I was a competitive gymnast and ballet dancer from an early age up to attending university to read law. I am also an advanced skier and have competed in two marathons. I bring the same exacting standards of professionalism, intelligence, expertise and client care to my personal training as I have applied throughout my successful career at the Bar. Having trained clients in my own private studio for several years in central London, I have now relocated to Dorset.

My training specialities include, but are not limited to, strength & conditioning, toning & shaping, functional fitness, mass building, weight management and nutritional & dietary advice. Whatever your goals, your body needs to remain strong and stable. I apply my knowledge of the body’s biomechanical systems to all exercise programmes to continually correct and fine tune any underlying weakness, helping to prevent injury and improve your performance.

I am fully insured and am a Registered Exercise Professional. I am also a certified boxing and kettlebell instructor. Please feel free to ask further details of my fitness qualifications, which encompass a wide range of disciplines.